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i got a little present from a friend of mine. I adore this Nixxon watch and i waited to buy it by myself, but this kind friend wanted to give me this light blue version of my dream watch. I dont really know how to wear it yet, but i can assure you i will definitly find the perfect outfit for this eyecatcher. 
I'll show you the outift as soon as im sure which clothes match and i found someone to take a fashionable photo of me without laughing. I hope that will be sooner than later. I must say this day was really great, i studied a lot and now im looking forward to an open air concert at the austrian "Donau", where a lot of famous German bands are performing. Can't wait. I hope i see enough to take some pictures and show them to you on the weekend, but usally these Open Airs are kind of crowded and you don't even see the performer. 
I hope you had a good day and i can only say : "T.G.I.F" (Thank God it's Friday)

Kisses M


  1. thanks for following! im following u now! nice blog! have a nice day! xx

  2. I love your watch! That shade of blue is really pretty. :)

  3. lucky you :-)
    na klar verfolge ich deinen blog jetzt :-D gefällt mir echt gut!!!


  4. Sure, let's follow each other! I'm following you now. I hope you follow back. :) xo

  5. wow! lovely watch! thank's for your comment )) sure, follow you now! follow me back?

  6. That watch has such a pretty colour!

  7. I love the blue. What a great watch!

    Thanks for your comment!!!

    - Dani


  8. I love your watch...

    I follow...;-)


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