I wish, I wish I could fly

YSL Artsy Ring

Wishlist! "You can always wish for things, but if you get them is another thing", my Daddy always told me, but hey I'm willing to make this wish and dream came true all by myself pretty soon, after my drivers licence is completed of course.. This ring would be the perfect present for myself. 


  1. Unique ring! Love it! You should definitely make this wish come true! This amguzman from Fashiolista!

    Check out my blog!
    -The BF Mashup

  2. blogged to death! super duper ring!! hab ihn in rosa - wenn du ihn bestellst, size S ist richtig richtig klein!

  3. I absolutely understand you...
    this ring was nearly all for me, too.
    hope your wish come true very soon.
    Nice blog! :)

    xoxo Johanna

  4. I have this ring. You deserve it! Hope you will get it soon!


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