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my family just told me, that Amy Winehouse, past away. She inspired me in many ways. Even though she decided to live her life self-destructive and she never seemed to get along with the success and the temptation that drugs are. I adored and loved her music. She had one of the most incredible voices of our time and her lyrics always had a real content, not just some cute words put together. Im devastated, even though I kind of expected it sooner or later. May she rest in peace and we will never forget the present she gave us with her music. 

Kisses M


  1. I loved her so much, I mean her voice and her amazing talent, I am still shocked! I love your unique way of creating all the posts and your special writing! Not to mention the name! I was wonderring if you would have time to check mine, possibly follow each other? Hope we keep in touch!

    Mary from

  2. hey! love your blog, wanna follow each other? i'm already following you :) follow back please!

  3. Just a shame her death! But...with drugs is what u get.
    Read your comment at fashiolista! Hope you have a look at my blog:

  4. RIP Amy...



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