Lollipop. Ja ich bin im Kopf noch ein Kind und ein Lutscher kann man Herz erwärmen. Deswegen seht ihr den Apfel Geschmack Lolli auch in diesem Bild als Shooting Partner. Parka und Shorts zusammen ist unsinnig, weil wenn es warm genug ist Shorts zu tragen ist wohl kein Parka nötig, aber das ist es eben. Es geht nicht darum passend angezogen zu sein, sondern darum, das es einem passt. Wort zum Sonntag.

Lollipop. Yes I admit, I am a child at heart. I love my lollipop once a month and it makes me happy. A confession I had to make to you guys, cause I could not leave the thing alone throughout the little shooting. So here is me and the lollipop. 

Parka: Zara, Shirt, Shorts and Braceletts: H&M, Shoes: Zalando


  1. love it! love the combination of that jacket and the loufers <3

  2. i love that parka jacket *-*

  3. really lovely outfit! i think anyone still loves candy no matter what age we have

  4. Hi!
    Thank you for your comment on Fashiolista:)
    I love your style, I think your blog is very professional and now I'm following you on GFC and Fashiolista ;)
    Kisses from Poland ;*

  5. Beautiful!!! I love the Jacket!!!

  6. Hi!! I was wearing the same jacket today! Great minds think alike lol

    Just wore it with some maroon trousers and a massive white oxford shirt. I love the way you wear it with shorts though! Makes me wish it was summer in NZ already.

    Nina x

  7. lollipops are pure happiness! i totally love your jacket!

  8. btw, new follower here!=)


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